HOUSTON — Dr. Robert Huizenga was the resident doctor on TV's "The Biggest Loser", but now he brings attention to a topic that always has a stigma attached to it, STD's.

The CDC reports there are 110 million infections of STD's in American right now.  Many of those infected don't even know it.  Rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis have climbed for the fourth consecutive year.  There were 2.3 million cases of these three diseases combined reported in 2017.  

Dr. Huizenga talked with us about his new book "Sex, Lies & STD's" and what he found in his extensive research.  Huizenga said it's important to talk with your doctor.  Ask, "How Can I Prevent HIV?" and if he or she does an annual STD screening.  Not all doctors automatically test for all STD's.

Dr. Huizenga also discussed talking with your partner about your sexual history.  If you don't ask, your partner may not tell you.  If you do ask, don't assume the answer is truthful.  Inform your partner of the STD's you do have.  Being open and honest eliminates the stigma associated with an STD.

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