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Gabe Canales' 8,867 mile trek across the United States for men's health

Prostate Cancer Survivor Gabe Canales and Urologist Dr. Nathaniel Barnes discuss Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

HOUSTON — September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and survivor Gabe Canales went on a 8,867 mile driving trek around the United States to promote men's mental and physical health.  At every stop he brought awareness to the personalized issues affecting the men in those communities, and discussed how important prevention is to stopping chronic illness and many types of cancer.

Dr. Nathaniel Barnes is with the Memorial Hermann Medical Group Urology Associates, receiving his MD from Harvard and doing his residency at Duke. Dr. Barnes is also a big proponent of men getting their annual physicals, and taking control of their health before problems begin.

For more information on Gabe Canales' Blue Cure Foundation, log on to BlueCure.org.

You can also follow him on social media @GabeCanales and @BlueCure.

For more on Dr. Nathaniel Barnes, log on to memorialhermann.org/dr-nathaniel-barnes.