HOUSTON — It all started with the "father of fitness" jack la lane, and his fitness onesie...

then we got physical with Olivia Newton-John and her headbands because we were working up a sweat. Adidas had people wearing tracksuits, even if they "never" went to the track, and that opened the door for what we have today. Athleisure wear is actually an entirely new genre in the fashion world today. It was seen on the runway at New York Fashion Week... and the Kardashian's have confirmed it.

Movement Motivator Renee Rivellini stopped by Great Day Houston (wearing Jessica Mosley with a variety of fitness looks. 

Rivellini is one of the Founding Partner Trainers with Camp Gladiator – an outdoor adult fitness camp. The boot camp is for all ages and fitness levels. 

If you would like to try Camp Gladiator, text Great Day Houston to 832.906.4979 for FREE sessions. This offer will expire Friday, January 24, and the free sessions are good through Feb 1st.