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Destination Houston: The Beer Can House

A look inside Houston's Iconic Beer Can House created by John Milkovisch.

HOUSTON — Located on a quiet street in Houston's Rice Military neighborhood, you might hear the Beer Can House before you see it. Over fifty thousand beer cans adorn the house once home to John Milkovisch. The retired upholsterer for the Southern Pacific Railroad, began his project in 1968, inlaying his yard with marbles, rocks, and metal objects because he "got sick of mowing the grass".

An avid beer drinker, and never one to throw something away, John soon began using old beer cans to add aluminum beer can siding to his home. Over the next 18 years, John's house became dubbed the "Beer Can House" as it was adorned with metal garlands, wind chimes, fences, and even a mail box made out of beer cans. 

After John Milkovisch and his wife, Mary, passed away, the Beer Can House was acquired and restored by The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art

The Beer Can House | 222 Malone Street | Houston, TX 77007

Saturday & Sunday: 1PM - 5PM

For tickets or more information.

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