HOUSTON — Meat aging is very on trend right now in the culinary industry, and restaurants are loving the ability to showcase exceptional cuts of beef.

Chef Austin Simmons from TRIS Restaurant in The Woodlands (named one of the top new restaurants in Houston) features a monthly dinner called CollaborEIGHT, where he and locally and nationally-renowned chefs put together an 8-course meal for diners.  This month, Monday, March 18, Chef Austin will feature "The Cut," which will focus on high quality cuts of meat and they will discuss meat aging.

What's the difference between "wet" and "dry" aging, and how about the taste difference between a 2-year old cut and a 10-year old cut?  All of that will be determined with your taste buds, along with Akashi beef expert Jordan Zeeman and president of HeartBrand Beef at "The Cut."