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CenterWell Senior Primary Care is designed around the specific needs of seniors

CenterWell's unique approach to senior care considers all aspects of their health – physical, emotional, and social.

HOUSTON — It's important for seniors to follow a healthy diet and consume the proper amounts of food. At CenterWell Senior Primary Care, their doctors and care team work closely with senior patients to identify and address any nutritional concerns they may have.

Seniors tend to have lower caloric needs, despite having similar or even increased nutritional needs than younger adults.

In most cases, changing nutritional needs are likely due to reasons such as metabolism, age-related loss of bone and muscle mass or reduced physical activity. Nutrition may also be impacted by chronic health conditions or the use of multiple medicines.

As a CenterWell patient, you're cared for by a team led by a doctor and supported by nurses, a clinical pharmacist, care coaches, social workers, behavioral health experts and more. Their team approach helps maximize the care seniors receive in one location. The team can spend as much time as they need with patients.

CenterWell has a number of locations throughout our area. To become a patient and find the nearest location... log onto centerwellhouston.com

You can also visit them in person for a private tour of the doctor's office. 

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