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Celebrate “National Dumpling Day” with Ocean Palace restaurant

Andy Nguyen with Ocean Palace restaurant takes us through a taste-tour of their dumplings

Dumplings are made and consumed all over the world, and are known by dozens of different names, such as Gnocchi, Wontons, Ba-Wan and Potstickers. They’re made up of pieces of wrapped dough, usually filled with ingredients like meat, fish, cheese, veggies, fruit or sweets. The dough can be based from bread, flour or potatoes, and dumplings can be an appetizer or a meal in and of themselves.

Andy Nguyen of Ocean Palace restaurant helps us celebrate “National Dumpling Day” by showing off some of their favorite dumpling types…steamed, fried, pan fried and soup.

Ocean Palace recently reopened after a beautiful renovation, celebrating 20 years in Chinatown as the largest Dim Sum restaurant in the city. For more information on Ocean Palace, click here or give them a call at (281) 988-8898.

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