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CapTel Texas offers captioned phones for individuals with hearing loss

Get your no cost phone and service through CapTel Texas to help you enjoy talking on the phone again

HOUSTON — CapTel is a captioned telephone service for those with hearing loss, allowing users to hear what they can and read what they miss.  The customized phone 2400i looks and works like a traditional phone, and has a big color touch screen, answering machine, hands-free speakerphone, customizable tone setting and displays live captions dictating other people's words.

There are also other models for low-vision customers or people without internet service.

Phones and service are available at no cost with a doctor's certification of hearing loss.

For more information on CapTel Texas and the CapTel 2400i Captioned Phone, log on to CapTelTexas.com or give them a call at (877) 541-5650.

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