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Boost up your backside with the help of Yarish Plastic Surgery

Improve your look with the help of Yarish Plastic Surgery

HOUSTON — Many of us have at least one area of our bodies that we wish looked a little different.  Dr. R.Scott Yarish and Dr. Erica Bartlett from Yarish Plastic Surgery can help you enhance your look and boost your confidence.

After having two babies, Vivian Juarez wasn't comfortable in the way she looked.  No amount of exercise could get her a flatter stomach or rounder backside.  She sought help from Yarish Plastic Surgery, where they helped her achieve the look she wanted, through liposuction, a tummy tuck, and fat transfer to her backside.

Fat transfer is a common procedure done by cosmetic and plastic surgeons. Fat has regenerative properties and can help improve the texture, thickness and elasticity of the skin.  Fat can be used to fill out different areas of the body, including the lips, face, breasts, hands and buttocks.  It can even be used to make scars appear less noticeable. 

Juarez had a quick recovery and is very happy with the results.  She said it has been life changing for her and has boosted her confidence.  She loved that Dr. Yarish's staff was very attentive to her and after the surgery was prompt to check in with her.

To schedule a consultation with Yarish Plastic Surgery or with ReNew You MD, call 713-467-0146.  Be sure to mention "Great Day Houston" when you call to get a free consultation with Dr. Erica Bartlett.  

For more information, log on to YarishMD.com.  

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