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Be That Unicorn

Jenny Block shares how to find your magic, live your truth, and share your shine

HOUSTON — We've had a lot of time at home these last few weeks, giving us time to think about what brings us joy and what's important in our lives.  

Deborah Duncan talked with author Jenny Block about how short life is and how we have to stop wasting our time being afraid.  

Block's new book, "Be That Unicorn" shares tips on how to stop holding yourself back, how to find your magic, live your truth and share your shine.  It's important to be your authentic self.  Block says is not about being perfect, it's about being true to yourself and not letting life hold you down.

"Be That Unicorn" is available wherever books are sold. To order your copy, click here

For more information on Jenny Block, log on to thejennyblock.com