With over 30 years of experience, Bath Fitter specializes in remodeling tubs and showers with quick installation and minimal disruption. They can transform your bathtub or shower in as little as one day, and they have a large variety of colors, textures and patterns to choose from to really personalize your look. They also offer a collection of faucets, shelves, seats and grab bars.

Bath Fitter is a one-stop shop, allowing their experts to take care of the entire job from beginning to end, consultation to final product. Their acrylic liners and walls are durable and non-porous, which means they have great longevity and are easy to clean, plus they are backed by a lifetime warranty!

They offer free in-home consultations where an expert will come to measure the current tub or shower and help pick out the new product. Then one of the installers will arrive and finish the job in as little as one day with a guaranteed watertight fit. Bath Fitter covers an old tub with a brand new tub, removing the need for demolition or messy work.

Bath Fitter has a special limited time offer for Great Day viewers…call now and receive 48 months of 0% interest on your order. This offer is good through December 31, 2018, and you must mention “Great Day Houston” to take advantage of this deal. For more information, give them a call at (832) 699-1270, or visit www.BathFitter.com