HOUSTON — Artist Patti Lennon-Potter has been painting professionally for years ever since the company she worked for went out of business and she chose to follow her passion instead of grind for someone else's business.

She has a background in environmental science, which she sometimes incorporates into her work, and has started collaborating with Chicken Mike and Nicole Graham, owners of "The Garden Hen."  She paints art pickets for chicken coops, watercolor chickens and will be a part of an upcoming "City Chickens" event, where Chicken Mike will discuss changes in the urban environment and display coop designs while Patti will show off her Historic Houston Watercolor Series.

Patti Lennon has a special offer for Great Day viewers...mention you saw her on today's show, and receive $500 off an art purchase of $1000 or more.  This offer is good for the first 10 people to purchase artwork.

To learn more, go to ArtistPattiLennon.com, or follow her on social media: