HOUSTON — Ambassadors for Christ is provoking positive change in Houston's youth. The nonprofit was formed in 2006 to provide mentorship programs to at-risk, underprivileged, and displaced students through a multifaceted youth development program. AFC has provided an outlet and platform for growth to over 6500 at-risk youth with partnerships through schools, churches, and community serving youth programs throughout the Houston, Texas area. 

Director of Programs for AFC, Lisa Felix, recently stopped by Great Day Houston along with Professor Robert Simms. The pair spoke with Great Day Houston host, Deborah Duncan, about Ambassadors for Christ Youth Ministries and their upcoming stage play, "Tears From A Broken Heart". For more information, visit afcyouth.org

"Tears From A Broken Heart"

Stakeholder Night 

Friday, Sept. 20 

7 pm – 9 pm

Ambassadors For Christ Youth Ministries

General Public Showing

Saturday, Sept 21 

3 pm 

Ambassadors For Christ Youth Ministries


$10: 18 and under

$15: 18+