HOUSTON — Now’s the time of year to start things off on a healthy foot.  Before the Valentine’s candy consumes you, start to crave the good things in life!  Earthcraft Juicery is a new eatery in town dedicated to health and wellness.  They only use ingredients that they are comfortable consuming themselves.  They believe in the healing properties of raw fruits and vegetables along with the many benefits that come naturally.  Great Day’s Cristina Kooker did a taste and talk with this healthy joint and tried the owner’s top picks of these super food drinks and bowls on the menu.   Some of the things on the menu focus on anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, weight loss, detox, stronger bones, energy, muscle repair, digestion, mental clarity, and so much more!  They use the best ingredients and the best cold-pressed slow juicing process in order to get you maximum benefits. 

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2400 Mid Lane, # 130, Houston Tx, 77027 

Mon - Sat: 7am - 10pm 

Sun: 8am - 9pm