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This DC restaurant united the area in shock with this recipe | Most DC Thing

The Uncaged Chefs' video of "Henny Mumbo Sauce Fried Chicken" got "Henny" trending on Twitter.

BRENTWOOD, Md. — Today’s Most D.C. Thing comes to us courtesy of “Your Favorite Place in Maryland & DC” who tweeted this video of Henny Mumbo Fried Chicken and Fries from The Uncaged Chefs restaurant.

Mumbo sauce is fine, but did they really just pour raw Henny all over some perfectly good wings and fries? There is “doing too much” and then there’s this. The comments on this post unanimously agree with me, and that’s hard to do on social media. I can’t post most of said comments because they are not safe for morning TV. That’s the type of emotions this video brought out of people. They managed to take a stereotype and add a stereotype to a stereotype.

I want to try The Uncaged Chefs someday because the wings and fries look great, but please don’t pour liquor on my food like y’all just lost one of the homies. That looks like a recipe for the bubble guts.

This is this Most DC Thing because it happened locally, it involves mambo sauce, and it united the area so much that “Henny” was trending on Twitter Tuesday night thanks to this video.

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