The problem with eating healthy? Sometimes it can be expensive. However, in 2018 many fast food chains know to get customers, they need to slim down. 2018 is going to see some major changes from some of your favorite fast food restaurants!

McDonald's: The popular chain is testing a veggie burger in it's European locations. No word as to when it will come to the U.S. but many suspect by late 2018 we could be veggie-friendly at McD's!

Dunkin' Donuts: By the end of 2018, Dunkin' has made it their goal to go completely artificial color & dye free for all of its foods, drinks & donuts. Plus, the chain is also slimming down its menu by taking away some of the more sugar loaded smoothies and fatty sandwiches.

White Castle: If you're craving a burger, this chain is now offering black bean burger sliders for only 99 cents from now until Feb.11th. No word on how long they'll stay on the menu, so try one now!

TGI Friday's: Everyone is pretty hype about the "mock meat" movement and TGI Friday's is cashing in on it. They will now offer a burger that looks and tastes like meat but is completely plant-based!