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'Sunday, I'll for sure be there' | Kanye West fans react to rapper's pending visit to Lakewood Church

West, who has a new gospel album, accepted an invitation from Lakewood Pastor Joel Osteen.

HOUSTON — Many people are singing the praises of Kanye West’s pending visit to Lakewood Church.

"Oh, yeah. Sunday, I’ll for sure be there,” said Caleb Hodder of Houston.

Hodder and his friend were reading about the visit before our interview and said it’s even more motivation to attend the mega church he’s been to before.

“I’m a big Kanye West fan," Hodder said. "I was a fan before he became a Christian. But I also believe in Jesus, so it’s like two worlds clashing, which, is like, for me, it’s just awesome.”

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"I was skeptical at first," said Melanie Hugele of Cypress. "And thought, 'OK, let me just really see how this guy is.' He seems legit. He seems like his heart has really changed. So I wish him all the best.”

Lakewood Pastor Joel Osteen invited West to his church about two weeks ago. It was soon after the release of the rapper’s gospel album called “Jesus is King.”

"It’s only available digitally right now," said Cris Acuna of Cactus Records. "But we’ve had several people asking about it.”

Acuna has also been a longtime Kanye West fan. But she isn’t planning to make the short drive to Lakewood Church this weekend.

“I have many reservations about the whole thing," Acuna said. "It seems kind of weird to me.”

West has conducted Sunday services on his own property in California in addition to venues around the country. He's even performed on the street. But his Lakewood Church visit might not include music at all.

In a brief blast to Lakewood congregants, the church simply states an “inspiring service” is planned Sunday morning with a “brief conversation” between Osteen and West.

However, TMZ reported West was bringing his own choir for an evening performance at the church.

Lakewood said more details would be released in the coming days.

"If he doesn’t perform, that’s OK," Hodder said. "Just because I’ve watched his interviews when he’s just talking, and if we can get some of that, that would be awesome.”

At this point, KHOU 11 has not received any information concerning logistics come Sunday. But under normal circumstances, church attendance at Lakewood Church is free. There is also free parking and plenty of security supplemented by Houston Police officers who work extra duty.

Late Tuesday, KHOU 11 confirmed that West will perform at Lakewood on Sunday at 7 p.m.


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