The 2018 Grammy Awards turned out to be a big night for Houston, not just for the Houston Symphony, but for musicians all over the city.

For the first time in its history, the symphony was not only nominated for a Grammy, but they won.

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Behind the glitz and the glam and before the red carpet arrivals was a musical ceremony at Madison Square Garden that has the Houston Symphony taking on a new name.

“The award was presented while we were on stage performing the first half of our concert yesterday," violist Sheldon Person said. “I guess you could put that on the website now; we’re the Grammy Award-winning Houston Symphony.”

It was a dark story of madness and murder.

“They sing in German. The whole piece is in German,” said Karen Reeves with Houston Grand Opera.

The piece, Alban Berg’s "Wozzeck," chosen by music director Hans Graf, is a powerful and moving drama that explores the despair of a central character who has no place in society.

“It was exciting for the orchestra to be able to perform a work of this magnitude and greatness," Person said.

Person played the viola in the piece, which was performed back in 2013.

Reeves auditioned the children.

“It was just a very enjoyable experience for them, and I was very proud of their work in it," Reeves said.

Musicians from the Children’s Chorus and Rice University’s Shepherd’s School of Music performed alongside the symphony -- all of them now taking home a new title they never expected.

“It’s exciting that this many people in the Houston area were a part of this," Reeves said.

If you would like to see the Grammy Award-winning Houston Symphony perform, there are three concerts this weekend. More information on tickets can be found here.