Houston-based gospel star Kim Burrell is trending online for a sermon shared on YouTube. Critics claimed she bashed gays. Supporter said Burrell simply preached the truth.

The video titled “Kim Burrell Bashes Homosexuals (and) Implies They Will Die in 2017” got over 700,000 views in four days. It is short clip of a sermon Burrell gave at Love and Liberty Fellowship Church where she pastors in north Houston.

“That perverted homosexual spirit is a spirit of delusion and confusion and it has deceived many men and women,” Burrell said in the clip. “It’s caused a stain on the body of Christ.”

Viewers online ranted.

“I’m offended,” one person wrote. “How dare people say I’m going to hell for being gay.”

“Churches like this one just spread hate,” another online viewer added.

Supporters fought back. One urged Burrell to “feed the sheep and starve the goats. You don’t need no validation.”

“People who know me they know better than what (critics are) trying to make it look like,” said Burrell in a Facebook live video recorded early morning on New Year’s Eve.

Burrell’s response went viral too.

“All of y’all so upset saying I said all gays, that’s incompetent,” she said. “It’s childish. It’s not of my nature: natural or spiritual. People are going to want to believe what they want to believe. I am so done with it.”

Burrell is set to appear on the television talk show Ellen later in the week. She is promoting music recorded for the upcoming film “Hidden Figures.”

Burrell said critics twisted words intended for her church to hurt her reputation.

“That’s what’s so demonic about all of this,” Burrell said in the video. “Kim Burrell says that gays are going to hell. Really? Stop it. Y’all stop it. Go to bed.”