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Why has Marvel changed the way Hollywood works?

The popular comic books have had a real impact on what other films are made.

HOUSTON — Why has Marvel changed the way Hollywood works?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been slinging out hits since 2008’s “Iron Man.”

According to Business Insider, the 27 MCU movies have so far earned more than $25 billion worldwide. And you better believe Hollywood has noticed.

But the idea of a shared cinematic universe is not a magic trick first conjured up by Marvel.

One of first to scare up big returns at the box office was Universal’s classic monster universe which included hits like “Dracula,” “Frankenstein” and “The Wolf Man.”

With Marvel’s more modern success, other studios have followed suit with their own “universes” with varying levels of success.

The so-called “Monsterverse” teamed up Godzilla and King Kong for a profitable movie despite the pandemic. The Conjuring universe continues to make solid returns thanks in part to smaller budgets.

But bigger budget comic competitor DC has had more mixed success making money on films like “Batman V Superman,” but it's failed to take flight with critics.

Some Hollywood watchers claim that Marvel may actually be an unintended villain. In recent years, movie studios have been moving away from mid-budget movies. There are a few exceptions like “Knives Out” which was a hit with critics and theatergoers.

But studios that once released everything from indie films to blockbusters to cover all their bases are now focusing on big-budget investments that can yield out-of-this world ticket sales.

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