What 50 Cent thought would be a funny Instagram video turned out to be something he probably wishes he’d never posted.

The video, recorded by the rapper himself, shows 50 Cent talking to an airport janitor who he accuses of being high on drugs. The young man doesn’t verbally respond to the accusations, only shaking his head ‘no’ while pushing a cleaning cart through an airport terminal.

The Instagram video was posted with the caption, “The walking Dead, SMH LMAO I mean How high are trying to get Damn!!!”

But at least one Instagram user claims to know the young man in the video and says he’s not high and actually suffers from social disabilities.

"I went to school with him. His name is ..... He has extreme social disabilities just to let you know. He has a hard enough time getting through life without jackasses like you making fun of him. I hope you feel good about yourself. You just lost a huge fan. 50 needs to apologize,” worte 1musicinfinity5.

50 Cent has since removed the video, but it continues to live on as people had already downloaded the 25-second clip and uploaded it to Facebook and YouTube.

It was the top trending item on Reddit early Monday under the headline, “50 cent is an a%$hole.”

Video: Watch the clip on YouTube (warning, "mature" language)