Dean Gladden has spent the last 11 years helping the Alley Theatre push buttons.

"That's the great thing about going to the theatre,” Gladden said. “It has different opinions and people can share that."

But he believes the sharing that took place following a performance of "Hamilton" on Broadway over the weekend may have gone a bit too far when cast members called out Vice President-elect Mike Pence who was seated in the audience.

"I think that's where it crosses the line,” Gladden said.

The episode was captured on cell phone video and shared online. It drew an angry tweet from President-elect Trump demanding an apology.

Outside the Alley Theatre, opinions vary.

"They have an opportunity to let a person of power who might influence their lives know how they feel about it,” Sue Abdelaziz said.

Therese Griffiths shared a counter perspective.

"I don't necessarily agree with that,” Griffith said. “And I certainly don't think it wasn't good felt like a bit of an ambush."

Over the years, the Alley Theatre has courted controversy. But after what happened in New York, don't expect any off-script monologues by cast members.

"Our performers all know you don't make statements after a performance,” Gladden said.