HOUSTON - Willie Nelson performed at RodeoHouston on Saturday and delighted fans with some of his most famous hits.

A sell out crowd packed NRG Stadium to see the legendary country music star.

Right off the bat, the 83-year-old answered any doubts that he would be healthy enough to perform.

He opened with the 1973 hit "Whiskey River."

"He's just super cool, such a super cool dude," said Amanda Medsger, who came to the concert with her husband and mother. "His music is amazing, that's why we're here really."

Saturday marks his 8th solo performance at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. It's his 10th appearance overall.

"How much longer is he going to perform?" wondered Travis Bays, who brought his kids to the show on Saturday. "Maybe a couple years?"

Even though Nelson canceled several shows earlier in the year, he came on ready to perform, tipping his hat before launching into his set. The set that seemed to take care of everyone's mind that Willie is alive, well and continuing to perform.

"I've never seen him so probably this will be the last time I probably will be able to see him," said Amera Collins.