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Rodeo fans have fun at NRG despite cold weather

As for Monday with the chilly temps, the key was dressing in layers.

HOUSTON — Unfortunately, this roller coaster weather has timed up perfectly with the rodeo.

You could literally feel the temperatures dropping on Sunday as the cold front came in. Even so…more than 104,000 people came to the rodeo. 

That's more than 25,000 more people compared to the same Sunday last year.

As for Monday, the key was dressing in layers. It was mostly families spotted at the rodeo during the day.

There were a lot of bundled up babies but they didn't seem to mind at all.

That being said, rodeo attendance numbers have dipped a lot on days we've seen rain.

But rodeo officials say Houston has more than made up for it the rest of the rodeo.

"We're actually on par with last year's attendance looking for some better weather coming up." said Joel Cowley, President of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

For those who aren't feeling this cold weather, Cowley said the livestock show and rodeo are indoors, so there is a way to rodeo and stay warm.


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