After nearly 50 years of dishing fried chicken to hungry Houstonians, a local icon will be closing the doors to its original location.

Frenchy’s started as a simple storefront restaurant on Scott Street in 1969 and announced Wednesday it will be moving to a new location in the Third Ward, two blocks from its very first restaurant.

“It’s served its usefulness and its purpose,” said Frenchy’s owner Percy “King” Creuzot. “So it’s time for us to go.”

Percy Creuzot, “King’s” father, grew the business he started with wife, Sallie Creuzot, into a local chicken empire with now more than a dozen Houston-area locations.

“In this area, there have been lots of changes, because there are many other food establishments in the neighborhood that we did not have back then,” Sallie Creuzot said. “And people are more mobile. People have cars and they go where they want to be. It’s all these things that have taken place. Big changes.”

Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church has been located next door to Frenchy’s since it first opened. The church will take over the property to construct its new sanctuary.

Sallie Creuzot says her husband would be proud of the new changes and the soon-to-be built location down the street at the intersection of Scott Street and Alabama. She and others referenced the special relationship between Creuzot and Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church neighbor, Rev. William Lawson, which started soon after the civil rights movement.

“Those two gentlemen showed what it means to be partners,” said Rev. Dr. Marcus D. Cosby, pastor, Wheeler Ave. Baptist Church. “And showed what it means to have a friendship that allows people to grow in their separate spaces.”

The move is expected to happen in the spring of 2018.