Instagram and Twitter have just discovered a new option to help you cut the carbs: cheese wraps.

Yes, they look like a tortilla, but they are made of nothing but cheese.

You can find these “Folios” cheese wraps in three flavors – Parmesan, Jarlsberg and cheddar.

"" writes on Instagram "They are delicious!!! They fall apart when warm meat is added but I just ate with a fork."

But finding them can be the real challenge, according to many online.

“sydgoesketo” on Instagram says she found it at her Costco in the cheese section near dairy and meat. But others say their local Costcos don’t have them.

But one KHOU 11 staffer let us in on a little tip. Good old H-E-B.

According to the Texas grocer’s website, most of their stores carry all three flavors.

Looking at the label you may have some questions, however.

“Lactose free, all natural and cheese???” points out Lesley Joseph on the Deslish Facebook feed.

“Lactose free is generally any cheese aged more than 1 year. The lactose breaks down naturally. So if you are lactose intolerant - you can still eat cheese!!  Also kraft cheese shreds are also lactose free. Read above the barcode, it will state 0gms of lactose,” points out Melissa Bussoletti Bagliano.

Also, if you don’t like cheese and are still trying to go low carb, you’re not out of luck.

Brianna Cabrera has this tip:

“There’s also low carb tortillas by Mission. It’s great for keto dieters that are on a low carb diet. I get those all the time while on the keto diet. Yes it does contain wheat but it’s better than having a regular tortillas that’s higher in carbs.”