We wanted to know: What are the best food-delivery services in Houston?

So we put the three most popular to the test: Amazon Prime Now, Uber Eats and Favor.

Three of our producers all ordered lunch from El Tiempo Cantina at the very same time.

Each app allows customers to track their order's progress. Early on, Uber Eats appeared to take the lead and showed a delivery time of 12:12. But then things started to slow down.

Favor started making up ground.

At 12:13, Favor pulled up to KHOU parking lot first.

Four minutes later, at 12:17, Uber Eats rolled up.

The Amazon Prime Now Driver didn't show up until 12:29, 16 minutes after Favor first arrived.

The delivery was well within the one-hour delivery window they guarantee.

We also took a look at prices.

  • Favor charged $12.51 in fees and tip
  • Uber Eats charged $3.99, but tipping isn't required
  • With Amazon Prime you have to spend more than $20, but delivery is free plus a tip