SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake Comic Con, now in its fourth year, burst out of the gate at full gallop Thursday with a double-header panel of Mark Hamill followed directly by William Shatner.

It was a full-throttle beginning to the three-day event, drawing celebrities, cosplayers, artists, experts and fans on what has typically been a quieter day in years past.

Among the day's highlights:

Mark Hamill

The Star Wars actor kept his panel spoiler-free, advising the audience it was for their own good.

"It might be annoying — all the secrecy and so forth," he told the crowd of more than 10,000 fans. "But we do it for you. We want it so the fun is in the movie theater and not on the Internet."

William Shatner

The former Star Trek actor discussed his new NBC show, Better Late Than Never, which follows around four famous men as they do things they've always wanted to do but never got around to.

"I have a bucket list," he told the audience. "My bucket list was I wanted to catch a pass from Terry Bradshaw. I did that. I wanted to get in the ring with George Foreman. ... I wanted Henry Winkler to make me laugh. So Henry Winkler (told) me a joke."

Jeremy Bulloch

The man behind the Boba Fett mask in the three original Star Wars movies was on hand to sign autographs and meet fans. He has an amazing theatrical career and even appeared in Doctor Who. But it's his connection to the Star Wars franchise that tends to get fans' attention.

"(I did) a hell of a lot of theater," he said. "And suddenly, here he comes: Boba Fett."

Bulloch said his most memorable exchange with a fan came when a woman asked him to sign her leg so she could get his signature tattooed.

"It did actually look quite good," he said. "She came back months later and said, 'Thank you so much, Mr. Bulloch. It's exactly what I wanted.' "

Manu Bennett

Between his role as Azog in The Hobbit trilogy, Deathstroke in CW's Arrow and Crixus in the Spartacus series, there's a Bennett fandom for every genre.

Bennett, who is part Māori, said he'd like to write a film about indigenous people. "When we get too iconic, when we get too stereotyped, we seem to lose a sense of diversity on this planet," he said.

Michael Rooker

Rooker is famous for his quirky interview style. When asked about his most memorable fan experience, the Guardians of the Galaxy actor countered with a more interesting question: "Why don't you ask me what has been my least craziest fan experience?"

It turns out that "it wasn't very memorable at all," he said. "They wanted an autograph and I gave them an autograph and they walked away."

Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 continues through Saturday at the Salt Palace.