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Chita Craft

KHOU 11 Meteorologist
Credit: KHOU

Chita Craft is the morning meteorologist at KHOU 11 News specializing in weather forecasting. She joined KHOU in July 2011 and can be seen each day on KHOU 11 News This Morning.

Chita received her AMS Seal of Approval and her National Weather Association Seal of Approval and is a member of both organizations. She received her Bachelor of Science from Mississippi State University.

Although Chita was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, her family moved to southern California when she was four years old, and that's where she grew up.

She loves to play tennis and golf even though now, it gets harder to find the time as she's married with two children. 

She loves Houston and forecasting for the Gulf Coast.

In case you were wondering, Chita—pronounced Cheetah—is a family name. In fact, there are five generations of mother-daughter Chitas in her family, including her daughter, who is also a "Chita."

Instagram: chita_craft

Facebook: Chita Craft KHOU

Twitter: ChitaKHOU

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