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Blake Mathews

Blake Mathews is the weekend Meteorologist for KHOU 11 News in Houston, Texas.

Blake Mathews is the weekend Meteorologist for KHOU 11 News in Houston, Texas.

Before joining the station in September 2016, he was at WJXT in Jacksonville, Florida where he got his fill of hurricanes, tropical storms, floods and endless summer heat. It was also his first exposure to the national spotlight while doing live reports from the coasts of Mississippi and Florida during Hurricane Issac and Tropical Storm Karen for affiliates in major cities across the nation. "I succeeded in Jacksonville because the climate there was very much like my hometown: Houston! The beach was nice, being near Orlando was entertaining but there's no place like home."

That's right! Blake is a native of the area, growing up near The Woodlands and graduating from Oak Ridge High School (War Eagles!). He says that it's easy to forecast Houston weather when you know and understand what kind of crazy things can be thrown at you here. "I've been here for just about every major weather event possible from the 1989 arctic outbreak and snow event, to the 1994 floods, '97 ice storm, Tropical Storm Allison, the 2004 Christmas snow storm, 2011 drought/heat wave to hurricanes Rita and Ike. I'm exhausted just thinking about those things!"

Blake considers himself blessed and extremely fortunate to be back in his hometown working. "Not many people get that opportunity, especially in such a large city, and if it weren't for a supportive family, a determined attitude and abundant grace from God, I wouldn't be where I am."

When he is not at the station, he's likely monitoring the forecast models on his cell phone from the comforts of home along side dogs Winston Oliver and Chop Suey. He spends much of his time at the gym and being out and about. "Being healthy and in good-shape is a priority of mine (most of the time)," he says. When not at the gym, he's likely planning his next trip to some remote area of the world. He says traveling is his way to escape the "analysis paralysis" of the weather -- being consumed by analyzing the latest data from the models. Having just got back from Australia, his next stop he hopes is Asia or the Arctic regions of Alaska.

Blake has also worked at KBTX in Bryan, Texas and is a graduate of the broadcast meteorology program at Mississippi State University.

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Facebook: @khoublakemathews

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