HOUSTON — KHOU is putting the finishing touches on a state-of-the-art facility in the bustling Galleria district of Houston, ready to take their pledge to Stand for Houston to a whole new level.

The move comes 18 months after employees were forced to evacuate the landmark building on Allen Parkway. Hurricane Harvey sent five feet of water rushing up the front steps, and into the studio.

KHOU employees have been working out of several locations since the flood, still covering major breaking stories of school violence, the government shutdown, and the death of our 41st president. Viewers may not have noticed the change, but they will certainly take note of what will happen next.

KHOU will now occupy three floors of the building at 5718 Westheimer near Bering. The 43,000 square feet of space includes two spacious studios, two control rooms, edit suites, collaboration centers and a technology-driven live desk to handle breaking news with speed and accuracy. The mission of KHOU remains the same: to Stand for Houston and surrounding neighborhoods with a relentless thirst for the truth, provide quality journalism and celebrate the triumphs of the community, but the new facility and resources mean an increase in the speed, agility and quality of news-gathering and story-telling.

The first day of broadcasting from the new studio is still being determined, but the employees want to give Houston a preview of what’s to come. Boxes are still being unpacked, and construction crews are shying away from the camera, but the video below shows what the new studio and newsroom looks like right now. It’s a new way to stand for the people of Houston, and a raw look at preparations behind the scenes. Welcome to the new KHOU.