Mom delivers twins during Harvey as family evacuates

Just when you think you know where life is taking you, sometime life throws a curve ball.

Just when you think you know where life is taking you, sometime life throws a curve ball.

Murray and Nicole Pawloski were thrown their first curve when they learned they were expecting twins.

The second curveball came when the babies were delivered last Friday, as hurricane Harvey was about to change their lives in other ways.

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“We’ll be home in 48 hours, no big deal,” Nicole told a friend before she left for the hospital.

That was before their home took on a half-foot of water, hours after Carter and Cameron were born.

When Hurricane Harvey approached Houston, Nicole Pawloski gave brith to twins. Then while in the hospital, her family was evacuating their home. 

“As a mom you want to give them the best entry into the world, and I feel like I just wasn’t able to do that,” said Nicole, wiping away a tear.

The Pawloski’s two older sons, 4-year-old Drake and 7-year-old Dylan, had to be rescued by boat while they stayed with their grandparents as Nicole was in the hospital with the twins.

“The most gut wrenching moment as a mother, seeing your children getting on a boat and you’re not there,” Nicole said.

On Friday, Murray returned to the family home in Katy to collect baby clothes and a few other essentials, as the family stayed with relatives.

Last Friday, as Harvey approached, Murray Pawloski's wife gave birth to twin boys. One week later, he returned to his Katy, Texas neighborhood.

“I’m just happy my babies, my wife and kids are safe, that’s the only thing I care about. That’s just a building,” said Murray, glancing back at his home from the seat of a boat.

“I have those two little babies,” Murray added. “It’s what’s really going to help us get through.”

Note: friends of Nicole and Murray have set up a fund to help the family get back on its feet. You can find more information at: