Watch: James Harden destroys defender's ankles, waits, hits 3-pointer

James Harden made the play of the year Wednesday night when he embarrassed Wesley Johnson during a game in LA.

The play of the year happened on Wednesday night in Los Angeles, and the sequence was maybe the coldest thing I’ve ever seen happen on an NBA court.

If you haven’t seen it, you won’t be able to stop looking, the way you can’t take your eyes off a large fire.

Here’s what happened: James Harden was off to a hot start against the LA Clippers in the first quarter as the Houston Rockets were already up 28-7 with less than two minutes left in the frame.

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Harden was taking on Wesley Johnson (may he rest in peace), when he crossed Johnson up and Johnson fell down.

Now, most players would gather and shoot knowing that they’re about to go viral and make the highlights for the night. Not Harden. The likely MVP waited for Johnson to get up and was being closed out by another defender before knocking down the most cold-blooded three-pointer in NBA history.

There’s almost three seconds between the time that Johnson falls down and Harden takes his shot.

Johnson and his family are going to have nightmares about this for decades and can only pray that Harden does this to someone else so that he’s not singled out as the victim of the most devastating crossover and three-pointer in league history.

James Harden truly is the MVP.