Astros honor Stoneman Douglas HS at Spring Training

Caps donning the high school's logo were worn by players across Major League Baseball on the first day of exhibition games.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Members of Stoneman Douglas High School’s baseball team visited the Houston Astros in Spring Training Friday.

Caps donning the high school’s logo were worn by players across Major League Baseball on the first day of exhibition games.

Friday, the Astros took it one step further with a gesture that will never be forgotten.

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Stoneman Douglas coaches stood side by side with Astros general manager Jeff Lunhow as he raised the Commissioner’s Trophy during a pregame ceremony.

“It’s just unbelievable on the Astros’ part to invite us out here,” said Stoneman Douglas baseball coach Todd Fitz-Gerald.

The Astros gave Fitz-Gerald, his sons and an assistant coach an extraordinary experience, chatting with players, watching a training session and sitting next to the trophy.

It was more than just caps -- it's compassion from the Astros.

“It’s not like we’re doing anything out of the ordinary for them. This isn’t charity. They just get to be around us, which I think is really good for them,” said designated hitter Evan Gattis.

Being around the Astros went a long way with Fitz-Gerald’s son Hunter, a high school student.

“I'm doing better,” he said. “It’s hard, but our team is all there for us. A lot of people in the community are supporting us.”

In baseball, players take it one day at a time. It's the same thing for the Stoneman Douglas community.

But Friday was a great day.

“It’s unbelievable. You can't explain it,” Fitz-Gerald said. “What a great country we live in. Our community’s strong. We couldn’t be more appreciative for the support we’ve gotten across Major League Baseball and the country itself. We’re going to be better for this. Trust me. We’ll be back. We’ll be stronger than ever. Believe it.”

Players signed the caps that will later be auctioned off with proceeds going to a victims’ fund.