Missing the boat: Astros fans miss entire World Series due to trip

No one will ever forget where they were when the Astros won their first World Series title.

Mike and Anne Vance of Houston won’t forget, either.

They missed the team’s historic run because they had booked a European vacation to Portugal and Spain, including a cruise.

“The trip sounded like a really good idea in April when we booked it,” replied Mike Vance.

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Mike’s not your average fan, either. “I grew up in the Astrodome,” recalled the Program Director of The Heritage Society. “I had season tickets for 24 years. I’ve written books about baseball in Houston.”

He and Anne left Houston with the American League Championship Series tied a two games apiece. They missed every amazing moment of the seven-game series win over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Of course, fans may also enjoy a championship parade after a World Series victory.

“We got back the next day,” he said.

Photos: USA Today Sports Images