Missing Pieces: FBI shares new enhanced security video in baby girl's death

A baby girl was gunned down before her first birthday. Police believe two men are responsible, but years later they have yet to be caught.

It was pouring rain on Aug. 19, 2012 when Canndus Lewis went for a ride with friends, taking along her little girl, Forever Donatto.

They ended up in acres home and pulled in a drive way on Ponnel.

“She was probably a passenger with individuals who were here to purchase drugs,” said HPD Cold Case detective Darcus Shorten. “They have no idea what just happened prior to and what was about to happen,” said

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Shorten walked us thru the critical 7.5 minutes with new FBI enhanced security camera video.

Around 3:04 am., two home invaders approach the side door and tried to avoid the security cameras.

“When they tilted that video camera, they showcased the street,” said Shorten.

Detectives say a crowbar was used to break into the house, and a gun battle ensues between homeowner and the suspect or suspects. The suspects eventually flee the scene.

“They look as if they exchange the crowbar and the assault weapon,” said Shorten. “It appears they went back to Dewalt Street to gain access to their vehicle.”

Shortly later, a silver vehicle comes from the opposite direction and turns into the driveway stop. In five seconds, investigators say the suspects draw guns, start shooting and exit back from Dewalt.

“There were two weapons, a long gun/assault rifle-type weapon and also a hand gun,” said Shorten.

"They were prepared, they actually had a mounted flashlight on top of this long gun."

It was hard for Canndus to watch the new video, she was too upset to show her face.

“The popping lasted… I don't know how long, there was bunch of shots,” said Lewis. “We just dove down, I covered up and I laid down on top of my baby.”

After the gunmen drove off, Lewis checked on her little girl.

“I reach to take her out the car seat and my hand went in the bullet hole in her back,” said Lewis. “I just unhooked her, snatched her out the car and started screaming and running ‘somebody help my baby, my baby's been shot.’ And then I was running down the street, I passed out.”

Lewis has good days and bad days now.

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“She's suffering every single day not only the loss of her child but the decisions she made. This beautiful, innocent child had no say so at all as to what the adults were doing.”

Forever is buried at Paradise Cemetery where her mother now goes to visit her baby girl. She wasn’t even a year old at the time of her death.

“I apologize, tell her I am sorry,” said Lewis.

If you know anything, please contact Crime Stoppers.