Weather Blog: Rain Gear For The Rodeo

If you are one of the lucky ones to have tickets to see Rascal Flats, make sure you bring the rain gear. We could see heavy downpours right when most people are going in.

Are you sick of the pollen? Sick of the humidity? Get ready for a cold front on the way.

You will notice a big difference after the front passes tonight for tomorrow and the rest of the week. It will help knock some of the pollen (even though we are nearing the official start of Spring - so it will get worse) hopefully we will get a break... it is BAD right now. Too bad it is coming during a very popular time to be on the roads. The commute and the rodeo will be a BIG mess. Take it easy and allow extra time!

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The cold front is moving in and will produce some heavy rain along with it. Everyone should see a quarter to a half inch of rain but there could be a few areas that see between 1-3 inches of rain.


Once the cold front clears we will see a beautiful rest of the week. Temperatures in the 60's and 70's and our low temperatures will even be dropping. So even though our afternoon/evening commute will be on the messy side we will benefit the rest of week!