Weather Blog: Hello Perfection- aaahhh-chooo

Not all the time do we get sunny skies, low humidity with a north wind... but when we do we also sneeze... beautiful weather also equals high pollen counts.

The official start of Spring is March 20, however, with all of this sunshine pollen is acting like Spring.

Pollen is extremely high right now. The tree pollen is at extreme levels right now. If your car looks like mine and is covered in all of it it's a great time to get it washed as the rest of the week we stay dry and even as we head in to the weekend.

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It is always this time of the year as we transition from winter to spring that we start to notice the pollen and we go back and forth with the temperatures. On Wednesday, we are cool and even cooler Thursday. The north wind will make temperatures feel even cooler. If you're in the direct sunshine you should be ok but if you find yourself in the shade with that north wind you may catch a chill.


Winds will remain out of the north through Thursday with a wind shift expected Friday. Once the south winds begin the relative humidity will increase and so will the cloud cover.


This week is just beautiful! You may need a jacket in the morning but temperatures by the afternoon will be picture perfect. Take advantage of this week! Just don't forget something to take something for the allergies!