Is It Worth It: Smart Pet Feeder

If you're stuck at work and can't feed your pet on time, you might be in luck. There's a gadget that can do the job.

HOUSTON -- If you’re stuck at work and can’t feed your pet on time, you might be in luck. There’s a gadget that can do the job.

It’s called the FLY2SKY Smart Feeder and it has a wireless camera. It can be used for dogs or cats.

We tested the feeder at Rela Neely’s house in Cypress. She has a dog named Dallas.

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"He's our 7 year old pug who likes to eat,” she said. “Let's see how he does."

The gadget works with an app called PetFun. The download is free.

Pairing the feeder with the phone and wifi is not the easiest of jobs. It takes us more than an hour.

The device allows you to remotely feed your pet throughout the day either on a schedule or manually. It just takes the touch of a few buttons.

The most entertaining part of all is that the Smart Pet Feeder has a camera and speaker to let you see and talk to your pet. You can also take pictures and record a personal message!

Rela liked trying it out but it’s not something she would buy.

"It would be worth it if it's connected,” she said. “It seems our biggest problem was when it wants to connect."

We tried connecting the feeder again the next day and it worked fine. Would you like to try it?

KHOU 11 is giving away the Smart Pet Feeder we used for this story. You can enter by going here.

We paid $149.99 for the device at