Air Fryer: Is It Worth It?

You’ve probably seen it advertised on TV and your Facebook feed, the air fryer. It’s a popular kitchen gadget that cooks fried food with little or no oil!

We tried it out with Annette Mullins in Southeast Houston. She was curious about the appliance and agreed to let us bring in our cameras.

“It sounds like a great idea,” said Annette. “I’d love to see how it works.”

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We purchased a NuWave Brio 3.5 Qt. Digital Air Fryer from Bed Bath & Beyond. It retails for $99.99 and with a discount and coupon, we paid $77.93.

The first thing we cooked were french fries. We chopped up our own fries and followed the directions in the recipe book.

We fumbled around with the digital panel for a minute and figured out how to work it. The fries went into the basket for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.

“It has a crispy ‘fryingish’ sound,” Annette noticed.

When our time was up, Annette pulled out the basket. Some of the fries were cooked, others still looked raw.

“Not quite what I expected,” Annette explained. “If they were cut smaller, they probably would have cooked faster.”

We also dumped frozen chicken wings into the air fryer. We cooked them at 360 degrees for 25 minutes.

“You can hear it sizzling,” said reporter Tiffany Craig.

“I know that's pretty neat,” Annette replied.

After 25 minutes, Annette opened the basket and we were both pleasantly surprised. "Oh wow," Annette said with a smile. "I would call this a success.

For health and cleanliness reasons, Annette believes this product is worth it!

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