Take Care Of Yourself

School is back in session and life at home can be a little crazy as you get back into your routine. Spiritual life coach Tiffany Smith shared how to take care of yourself, so that you can take care of your family.

Follow the 3 A's: Awareness, Acknowledgment and Acceptance

AWARENESS: Be Conscious

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Take Ownership Of What You're Feeling Without Criticism Or Judgement

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ACCEPTANCE: Be At Peace With The Way Things Are

Here are four areas of self-care that will help put the 3 A's into practice:

SPIRITUAL - Prayer, Meditation, Communing With Nature

PHYSICAL - Move Your Body, De-Clutter Your House, Rest, Sex

MENTAL - Become Aware Of Inner Critics, Judgements, Perceptions,

EMOTIONAL - Gratitude Journal, Asking For Support, Trusting Your Instinct

For more information on Tiffany Smith, visit her online at BrunchAtTiffanys.net.