HOUSTON — Doctors say the Delta variant is the most transmissible COVID-19 variant yet, and it’s already spreading among children in Houston.

Dr. James Versalovic with Texas Children’s Hospital says COVID is now a vaccine preventable disease, so it’s important kids 12 and up are fully vaccinated before returning to school in the fall.

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Parents need to remember that takes time. Pfizer is the only vaccine approved for children. It requires a minimum of three weeks between doses, then another two weeks to be fully protected.

“The Delta variant is definitely causing more frequent infections in people who are partially vaccinated," Dr. Versalovic said. "Not only those who are unvaccinated, but people who may have only received a single shot of two. This makes it even more important to stress full vaccination."

At Texas Children’s, some of the kids infected with the Delta variant are younger than 12, so they are not eligible to be vaccinated.

Dr. Versalovic expects vaccines to be available to school age kids as young as five in September.