Companies are investing billions of dollars into the metaverse. Virtual reality is what some believe is the next phase of the internet. It could also be the future of education.

“When it comes to learning, especially in the classroom, you could teach a kid about space and show them a textbook to have them read about it…or you could take them to a virtual space station and use haptics to have them feel the rings of Saturn,” Krista Taylor, Accenture Metaverse, said.

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Taylor says Accenture works with companies all over the world to help them reimagine a more immersive experience for employees and consumers. She says more and more schools are inviting the Accenture team in to teach kids about what their world will one day look like. 

They recently spent a morning at River Oaks Elementary School in Houston to let students try out VR goggles. They were engaged and excited to go on a virtual road trip.

“This is amazing. I’d never imagine to do anything like this at school,” said Caitlyn Yip, a student.

Fifth-grade teacher Askari Mohammad organized the in-school field trip to the metaverse.

“Technology can seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be implemented within the educational system to help kids learn,” he said.

In a space still dominated by men, Taylor thinks exposing kids to the metaverse early is also a way to show young girls that a career in technology is at their fingertips.

“If the metaverse is going to look different than our physical world and be a better place, it needs to be built with diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility. Especially with females,” said Taylor.