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Posted on November 2, 2009 at 1:51 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 6:29 PM

Introducing 11 News WeatherCall -- a new service that delivers precision severe storm warnings to your telephone, 24 hours a day.

Many counties in the 11 News viewing area are several hundred square miles, but dangerous storms are often less than 100 square miles. Unfortunately, severe weather warnings are often issued for entire counties, creating uncertainty as to whether or not your area is really in the storm zone.

To remedy this, 11 News WeatherCall combines new technology from the National Weather Service with robust emergency telephone notification to reduce the storm warning area by 75 percent.

Using computerized mapping, 11 News WeatherCall will match the danger area defined by the National Weather Service with your exact street address. If your address is within the danger area of the weather warning, Chief Meteorologist Gene Norman will deliver the warning message to the phone numbers you register, and also send you an e-mail if you provide an address.

To see a list of the latest calls made in or near your polygon, click here for a list of the last 20 calls and associated maps. All you need to do is enter your email or zip code and you will have instant access to the last series of calls.  << Click here

Important things to know before you sign up:

•11 News WeatherCall is a very precise storm warning service, which costs only $6.95 for a one year subscription.

•You may register up to 3 telephone numbers and 3 e-mail addresses for each location.

•You may register land line or cell phone numbers.

•You may have the warning sent to a digital cell phone via SMS text messaging. For instructions, visit the weathercall.net FAQs.

•You MUST provide a physical street address. The system cannot locate Post Office Boxes, Mail Stops, and Rural Routes.

•Tornado warnings are mandatory.

•You may choose to also receive Severe Thunderstorm phone calls and/or e-mails, and Flash Flood warnings via email and SMS text messaging.

Sign up today in 2 easy steps:

1. Click here to read over the 11 News WeatherCall Subscriber Agreement.

2. Sign up online using a credit card, by clicking this link.


Mail-in option:

If you do not use credit cards, you may click on the link below to print a manual registration form. Complete the application and mail with a certified check or money order for $6.95 made out to WeatherCall (we do not accept personal checks).

If you need to contact the Customer Service Department, please call 1-800-260-6695.

Click Here to Print A Manual Registration Form (PDF)
(You will need Acrobat Reader to view)

Send to:
P.O. Box 472
Parker, CO 80134

Manage Your Account

For those with an existing account, click here to manage your account.

How to renew your subscription

Renew your 11 News WeatherCall subscription today.  11 News WeatherCall is there when you need it, alerting you to any severe weather that may be headed to your specific address.  This could be especially important if storms are expected to hit your location in the middle of the night.

11 News WeatherCall has made over 25,000 calls to KHOU subscribers over the past year.

To renew your subscription, respond to the e-mails you receive from 11 News WeatherCall and follow the instructions. The cost is $6.95 a year.