Weather Blog: Spotted in the KHOU parking lot: fat squirrel!

In my blog entry last week, I noted the HUGE number of eaten down to the core pinecone husks littering my back yard.

Never seen it like this before and I can tell you that as of today my yard is covered with even more of the pine cone cobs! So much that it hurts to walk with bare feet in the grass. The nerve!!! 

Today added a new surprise twist! On my way from the KHOU 11 parking lot to the studio, I spotted a very healthy, fat, bushy tailed squirrel just outside the parking lot. He was quick, but I was able to snap this pic just before he vanished over the fence and into the surrounding neighborhood.  The photo does not do him justice as he was one of the fattest, bushiest tailed critters I've ever seen. No scraggly tail here... BUSHY! 

Is the natural world around us on to something? Is a cold Houston winter on the way? Should I hire a squirrel to help me with the daily forecast?

Happy weekend, everyone!

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