Kingwood couple: Racist bullies forced sons to withdraw from school


by Rucks Russell / KHOU 11 News

Posted on May 16, 2012 at 11:38 PM

Updated Tuesday, May 22 at 5:02 PM

HOUSTON—Persistent bullying and name-calling at Creekwood Middle School in Kingwood have forced the parents of twin boys to temporarily transform their home into a makeshift classroom.

The boys are 11 years old and were born in the United States. Both of their parents were born in India.

"They’ve called me a terrorist and punched me in the neck," said one of the boys, who asked not to be identified by name.

"They’ve said I look like Osama bin Laden and called me the underwear bomber," added his brother.

The boys said the harassment has been going on for the entire school year, and that it escalated in April.

"The bullies punched me in the eye and shaved off my eyebrow," he said.

The boys’ parents have compiled dozens of emails and letters, documenting their history of complaints to the district.

The father said the district has failed to take action, which is why they’ve decided to home-school their kids.

"My children’s safety is of prime importance to me," said the father. "The school district has failed. The school principal has failed."

Recently, the district sent the parents a letter threatening to fine them up to $500 a day if the children don’t return.

According to Karen Collier, a spokesperson for the Humble Independent School District, the letter was a standard truancy warning, required by state law. She explained that the parents had failed to formerly withdraw their children from school, and said that by doing so they could avoid any fines.

Collier also insisted that the district thoroughly investigates all reports of bullying and appropriately disciplines people who violate school policy.