Kemah City Council addressing boardwalk parking problems


by Ron Trevino / 11 News

Posted on July 19, 2010 at 6:47 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jul 20 at 9:18 AM

KEMAH, Texas -- The Kemah Boardwalk is a popular place to shop, eat and play. Unfortunately, finding a parking spot can be tough.

Monday night, the Kemah City Council planned to discuss the issue.

Kemah tourist Sue Wilkerson is fed up with the lack of parking.

"It's horrible, it's really horrible," Wilkerson said. "At certain times, there's no way to find a place and it used to be you had free parking. Now everyone wants to charge you."

The boardwalk pays City of Kemah $40,000 per year to allow the complex to charge people to use the city-owned lot.

During the weekends, parking costs $6 per spot.

Mike Edwards, owner of Central Park Gourmet Hot Dogs, said the shortage of parking spots combined with the price to park give customers a bad taste in their mouth.

"Obviously people aren't gonna spend $6 dollars to come here and buy a $3.50 hot dog, so obviously that effects my business as well," said Edwards.

Richard Pucceti, owner of the Terrace Cafe, said Kemah needs its own "parking czar."

"That their job is to handle parking and maybe do nothing else," he said.

During its meeting Monday night, the city council could decide to end its agreement with the boardwalk and put in an electronic pay system on the parking lot instead. While it might not create parking, it would bring in more money for the city.