Raw! 9-year-old ‘shark hunter’ kayaking off Galveston hooks 5-footer


by KHOU.com staff


Posted on April 23, 2012 at 11:48 AM


GALVESTON, Texas—A 9-year-old boy kayaking off Galveston made quite a catch this weekend, and it wasn’t his first time.
Hunter Stevens hooked a 5-foot shark while he and his dad Kevin were fishing near beach pocket park 16. The two go fishing together all the time.
Hunter’s dad coached him as he struggled to reel in his catch.
“Look at that line bend,” Kevin said. “See, he’s not ready to come in at all.”
“It’s big alright,” said Hunter.
“Pull that rod tip up, there you go,” his dad said. “Get ready, he’s going to run, when he runs, let him run.”
Hunter kept at it, and eventually he reeled the big fish in.
“Your first shark of the season! Don’t let him pull you over, they might call CPS on us,” his dad joked.
“This is the biggest one I’ve handled, Daddy,” Hunter said.
Actually, it wasn’t.
Last August, the little shark hunter hooked a 7-foot long shark, but it got away.

Hunter is such an avid fisherman, he chronicles his fish tales on his own website, Sharkboyhunter.com.

 “Way to go, Shark Boy,” his dad applauded. “They don’t call you shark Boy for nothing, do they?”