Youth football league's gear collection stolen


by Shern-Min Chow / KHOU 11 News

Posted on June 14, 2011 at 11:55 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jun 15 at 9:12 PM

HOUSTON -- The future of a north Harris County youth football team was uncertain after all of its gear was stolen Tuesday afternoon.

The team was heading to the practice field at Blyle Middle School, when team mom Mercedes Ambrose went to get the gear and found that it was missing.

The gear was stored at the nearby 1st American storage lot, which is gated and secured. Ambrose went to the team’s parking spot and found it empty. The team’s white, limited edition 6 x 12 Economy trailer was gone. Stunned, she called the Harris County Sheriff’s Office to report the theft.

Ambrose said the trailer contained the team’s football equipment. It had been locked up like the other trailers and was last seen on Thursday. The estimated loss for container and contents is $18,500, she said. 

That was bad news for kids and parents . Organizer David Ambrose addressed the parents at practice half an hour later.

“You know what our stuff looks like, if you see it, don’t beat anybody down, just call me,” he said.

This is the second year for the Christian-based youth football league. It also offers tutoring twice a week and mentoring. Kids aged 4 to 12 play.

The team was in the process of selling raffle tickets.

“We’re doing our fundraiser, still doing it, and now we have to start over,” said Jaime Cabrera, a father.

The team is also starting over on the field. They are practicing without helmets, pads or gear and trying to bounce back. The North Houston Saints plan to redouble their fundraising efforts.

In the meantime, Harris County deputies said they believe the crooks just wanted the trailer for personal use and probably aren’t interested in the kids’ gear.

That wasn’t a lot of consolation for the North Houston Saints.