Wheelchair stolen from veteran in Galveston


by Tiffany Craig/KHOU 11 News


Posted on November 28, 2011 at 8:03 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 28 at 8:21 PM

GALVESTON—A Vietnam veteran was the victim of a car thief but they stole more than money and electronics.

“I think once they got in there, they realized they had a Cadillac in the back,” says Al Perdew. “So, they took it.”

Al Perdew’s modified wheelchair, which is worth more than $1,700, was snatched as well. He needs it to get around after having his leg partially amputated.

“Maybe they do have a family member that needs a wheelchair,” Perdew said. “They got a nice one.”

Perdew said he got home from rehab last Monday and left all the items in his truck because he was tired. He slowly walked inside using his new cane.

He got up the next morning and noticed his truck door was open and the contents were stolen.

“The words freedom and independence mean a lot to me and that interrupted mine,” the 54-year old said.

The thief did leave one item behind—the wheelchair’s seat cushion.

“They’re welcome,” said Perdew. “If they want to come back, I will give it to them.”

He filed a report with Galveston Police and they have contacted pawn shops about keeping an eye out for a wheelchair that might be sold.

With the holidays, Perdew said he can’t afford to replace the wheelchair.

Even though he’s struggling to get around, he’s praying for the person who stole his stuff.

“Ten years ago, if I had caught somebody doing that, it wouldn’t be good,” Perdew said. “That’s just not cool. It’s just not cool.”